Aircraft and Simulators

Aircraft by CAMPUS

Daytona Beach Campus
Aircraft Qty.
Cessna 172s                             62
Diamond DA42 10
Total 72
Prescott Campus 
Aircraft Qty.
American Champion Decathlon 1
Cessna 150 2
Cessna 172S 19
Cessna 182RG 1
Diamond DA42NG 4
Total 27

Total Embry-Riddle Aircraft at Both Campuses: 99

Flight Simulators by Campus

Daytona Beach Campus (Fall 2018)
Simulators Qty.
CPT 66
Elite AdvATD
ETC GATII Spatial Disorientation Trainer 1
Frasca 141 2
Frasca AATD 2
Frasca C172 G1000 Level 6 FTD 8
Frasca DA42NG-VI Level 5 FTD 2
Frasca CRJ Level 6 FTD 1
Redbird Xwind TD 2
UAS 16
Total 121
Prescott Campus (Fall 2018)
Simulators  Qty.
Frasca 141 (generic single engine) round dial instrument trainer
Frasca 141 (generic twin engine) round dial instrument trainer 1
Cessna 171 cockpit procedural trainers (CPTs) with working simulated G1000 (unbranded) 3
FlyThisSim VX Touchtrainers (convertible C172 and DA-42) 1
FlyThisSim FM 100 Robinson Touchtrainer (R22/R44 convertible) 1
Redbird X-Wind trainer 1
Paradigm Shift C172 AATD devices (G1000) 3
Paradigm Shift DA-42 AATD device 1
Total 13

On the Prescott Campus, hands-on fixed-wing flight training is supplemented by 18 dedicated high-end PCs in the Airway Science Lab that run SIMLAT IMPACT simulation software. All UAS operations training is hands-on at RC field, at select off-campus locations, and in the lab using small fixed-wing and rotary-wing UAS.

The helicopter flight-training program is supplemented by a Robinson FM 100 Basic Aircrew Training Device (BATD) built by FlyThisSim. The BATD is free for use by all students in the helicopter program. It can be configured as a Robinson R22 or R44 and is used for basic visual maneuvers, cockpit procedures, emergency procedures and instrument flying. 

Total Embry-Riddle Simulators at Both Campuses: 134

Total Flight and Simulator Hours by Campus (Fiscal Year 2017-18)

Daytona Beach Campus
Flight Hours Simulator Hours
78,917 24,701
Prescott Campus
Flight Hours Simulator Hours
19,633 5,162