Digital Studio to Upgrade Technology, Triple Service Base with $66,000 Grant

The Daytona Beach Campus Digital Studio is set for a facelift, thanks to a $66,012 grant from the Gladys Brooks Foundation. more


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The university will also award the largest number of Ph.D. degrees in its history at the ceremony. more
The Presidential Search Committee is excited to announce that a highly-qualified candidate pool, representing diversity of gender, ethnicity and discipline, is currently under review. more
Daytona Beach Student Flight Team Hosts Event and Sweeps Ground, Flight Events and Overall Championships to Extend Its Winning Streak to Unprecedented 34 Consecutive Years more

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David Bieda had worked for the Boeing Company since 1998, including the last three years as a systems analyst. His experience had given him a wealth of knowledge but Bieda knew that to go even further, he’d need a cutting-edge education to advance in a cutting-edge field. more
Dr. Bijan Vasigh, professor of economics and finance at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Daytona Beach Campus, was recently interviewed for a story in The News-Press titled "SWFL International Airport Scores Passenger Increase." Year-to-date, passenger traffic at the Fort Myers airport was up 3.2 percent from the same period last year. Southwest Florida International "is not a very big airport," Vasigh said. "Small fluctuations in passengers could have a big impact on the percentages." Read the full story. more
A recent photo taken by the Cassini spacecraft shows the enormity of Saturn’s rings as compared to its icy moon, Mimas. But while it appears that the rings are far more massive than Mimas, scientists believe that the mass levels may not be far off.  According to NASA, the rings, which are made of small, icy particles are very thin contain only a small amount of actual material. The Cassini mission is expected to determine the mass of Saturn's rings as the mission winds down by tracking radio signals from the spacecraft as it flies close to the rings. more