Campus News

Daytona Beach Campus

Benedict Cumberbatch In Transition

Professor Lynnette Porter Pens Benedict Cumberbatch Book Series

Lynnette Porter, professor of humanities and communicationat the Daytona Beach Campus, has published the first in a three-book series about actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s rise to international fame — and a second’s on the way.

Prescott Campus

Anne Boettcher

Prescott Campus Welcomes New Undergraduate Research Institute Director

Dr. Anne Boettcher is the new director for the Undergraduate Research Institute and Honors College at Embry-Riddle’s Prescott Campus.

Worldwide Campus

Virtual Crash Site

Worldwide Uses Virtual Crash Lab to Teach Aircraft Accident Investigation, Analysis Through Simulation

This “game” isn’t the latest version of Call of Duty. It’s an assignment in ASCI 615 Aviation/Aerospace Accident Investigation and Analysis at Embry-Riddle Worldwide. Graduate students inspect plane crash scenes and collect data — all from the comfort of their home, office or classroom.