Students on Campus – Let Us Know if You Need Three Extra Days; Daytona Beach Flight Students – Do Not Return If You Are Not Currently Flying

Embry-Riddle Coronavirus Update

The global pandemic has been stressful and even traumatic for many of us. Please be assured that, in keeping with the Eagle spirit, Embry-Riddle wants to help you in any way that we can. 

Students living in the residence halls were asked to relocate by day’s end on Sunday, March 29. Those currently living off-campus were asked to either retrieve or arrange to store any belongings in their residence hall rooms by April 19. Move-out and clean-out procedures were announced. 

With this said, anyone facing difficulties should ask for help. If our deadlines pose a hardship, they can be extended, with approval, for up to three days. Contact your Dean of Students. (In Prescott, contact or 928-777-3879. In Daytona Beach, contact or 386-226-6326.) 

Please be assured that Embry-Riddle will find solutions to help all Eagles. We will ensure that each student has a plan for shelter, or we will provide assistance, as needed.  

For those who have been asked to retrieve belongings, please consider your health first and foremost. Do not return to campus if you are uncomfortable doing so, or if you are in a region where travel is restricted. Remember: 

  • Storage and shipping options will be available.
  • Information will be posted to the Housing & Residence Life pages on ERNIE.
  • Cars can be left on campus.
    • Cochran lot in Daytona Beach.
    • F lot in Prescott.
    • Notify your Campus Safety office.

Why is ERAU Closing the Residence Halls?

  • Government rules regarding travel are changing daily.
  • A local government shutdown would immediately stop our flight operations. We cannot predict when or if that will happen.
  • The number of local cases continues to climb.
  • Supply chain logistics are already impacting select items and could impact other essentials, especially for large orders.
  • Personal protective equipment that we have leveraged in support of safe practices is in short supply.
  • In both states, our population of students could overwhelm local emergency resources.
  • Prescott Campus flight operations have been temporarily shut down, as of today.
  • If you are not already flying on the Daytona Beach Campus, do not return at this time.

Be well, everyone. Forever an Eagle.