`Before You Get Out of Your Car, Put on Your Mask’

Students wearing masks walk the Prescott campus
Face coverings are mandatory in all common areas on Embry-Riddle’s campuses, both indoors and outdoors, in classrooms, laboratories, residence halls and other facilities.

As students prepare to return to Embry-Riddle’s residential campuses in Prescott, Arizona, and Daytona Beach, Florida for face-to-face fall 2020 classes, university leadership reaffirmed its rules for wearing face coverings at all times.

Face coverings are mandatory in all common areas on Embry-Riddle’s campuses, both indoors and outdoors, in classrooms, laboratories, residence halls and other facilities. In addition, EagleCards must be visible at all times, either on a lanyard or clipped to an article of clothing, and daily wellness checks are mandatory.

Wearing face coverings, in keeping with U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention guidelines, reflects Embry-Riddle’s strong safety culture and Eagle commitment to caring for others. Embry-Riddle’sfall 2020 Path Forward plan emphasizes the importance of taking personal responsibility.

“We’re working hard to provide a safe environment, but it’s up to all of us to make it work,” Embry-Riddle President P. Barry Butler said at a recent virtual town hall event organized by Student Government Association leaders. “When we look back on this time as history, how you as individuals reacted will say a lot about you as a person. It will go with you throughout life and in your careers – how you behaved, how flexible you were in adapting to a new situation and the choices you made.” 

“Before you get out of your car on campus,” Dr. Butler said, “put on your face covering and display your Embry-Riddle ID badge. Stop at a wellness check station before entering any Embry-Riddle facilities.”

More specific instruction regarding face coverings is provided below.

Wear Face Coverings Correctly

  • Your entire nose and mouth should be covered by your mask.
  • Do not wear face coverings pulled down under your nose or chin, or on your forehead.
  • Review these CDC tips for putting on, wearing and removing a mask.


  • Masks may be removed only by individuals who are working alone behind a closed office door.
  • Those who work in cubicle-type offices must wear their face coverings at all times.

Residence Halls

  • Face coverings are mandatory in all residence hall common areas and in hallways and stairways.
  • Students may remove their face coverings only in their residence hall rooms with the door closed.

Dining Facilities

  • Plexiglass barriers have been installed in dining areas so that students can remove their face coverings to eat.
  • Put your face covering back on as soon as you have finished your meal or snack.
  • Be aware that hanging onto partially consumed drinks or food for long periods of time as a way to “get around” the face covering requirement will not be tolerated.

Classrooms and Labs

  • Students and faculty must wear face coverings at all times.
  • Faculty may request plastic face shields via their college dean.
  • Faculty who are wearing face shields may remove their cloth face covering to lecture.
  • A limited number of voice amplifiers may be available to faculty upon request.

Physical Activity

  • Face coverings must be worn whenever you are walking, skateboarding or running on campus – whether or not anyone is within six feet of you.
  • Face coverings may be removed only if you are taking part in an organized, supervised, required group activity (i.e., cross-country running or PT), under Embry-Riddle or ROTC supervision.
  • Those activities will take place on the perimeter of campus or within a designated outdoor recreation facility, with physical-distancing in place.
  • As soon as the organized, supervised group activity ends or you leave the designated area, resume wearing your face covering immediately.

For more information about Embry-Riddle’s fall 2020 plan, visit our Covid-19 information page. Be sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions and watch our Return to Campus videos.