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Honors Sponsored Speaker: An Entrepreneur's Insights on Leadership & Life

Thursday February 27, 5:30 PM to Thursday February 27, 6:30 PM
Prescott Campus - Davis Learning Center (DLC) Auditorium

Presented by Matt Savoca, PC Alum, Executive Vice President of Kutta Technologies

Matt Savoca, PC Alum, will be coming to campus to give his presentation of An Entrepreneur's Insights on Leadership & Life. The talk is open to campus and the Prescott community.

Matthew Savoca graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott campus, in 1994 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. While attending Embry-Riddle, Mr. Savoca was elected Student Government President by his peers, was the graduation speaker, and served for one year on the Board of Trustees for the University. In 2001, Mr. Savoca founded Kutta Technologies where he acted as President for over 14 years and was the principle investigator for multiple government projects. Under his tenure as Kutta’s President, he established and ran its subsidiary Kutta Radios until being acquired by Sierra Nevada Corporation in 2015. Currently, Mr. Savoca acts as the Executive Vice President of Kutta Technologies, and is responsible for maintaining Kutta’s culture of innovation and overall operations.

This presentation is an Honored Sponsored event.

College of Engineering Distinguished Speaker Series: Journey Through Space & Time

Tuesday March 03, 7:00 PM to Tuesday March 03, 8:00 PM
Prescott Campus - Davis Learning Center (DLC) Auditorium

Dr. Richard Holdaway Presents: Journey Through Space & Time - Been There; Done That. What's Next? 

This is part of a series of six talks covering the Global Space Program, from The Stars, Planets, Comets, and Asteroids to Overserving the Earth, Climate Change, and Future Missions.

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Mar. 3: Been There; Done That. What's Next? (DLC)

In this lecture series we have journeyed through time to look at the space program from 500BC to present day. We have traveled from the outer edges of the universe, to the stars and planets including our own beautiful planet, and even considered what we have learned from space about climate change. We now look to the future. This talk will review some of the new programs already underway such as the 2021 replacement for Hubble, we will examine the prospects for the first human mission to return to the Moon in 2024, and speculate on what might be further ahead such as human missions to Mars, Space Elevators, possibilities for travel to the Stars and more incredible journeys through space and time, including the next real space-race.

98th ERAU Prescott Aviation History Presentation

Wednesday March 18, 7:00 PM to Wednesday March 18, 8:00 PM
Prescott Campus - Davis Learning Center (DLC) Auditorium

Leadership, Command, and Control - The Dowding Factor Presented by Mike Lavelle

The summer of 1940 brought the greatest air battle in history to the skies above England, the Battle of Britain. How did the Royal Air Force overcome what seem like overwhelming odds against Germany’s Luftwaffe? What stopped the German air offensive? Was it, British planning, command structure, aircraft, leadership or was it the Luftwaffe’s aircraft limited capabilities, undefined mission objectives, and lack of leadership? Did the RAF win or did the Luftwaffe withdraw from their offensive? These and other questions will be address as the presentation reflects on the leadership of Air Chief Marshall Hugh Dowding and lessons that apply today as they did 80 years ago!

AZ Town Hall 2020: Prescott Community Outreach Program: Strong Families Thriving Children

Wednesday March 25, 12:00 PM to Wednesday March 25, 1:30 PM
Prescott Campus - The Jack R. Hunt Student Union Lower Hangar

The prosperity and long-term success of Arizona depends on the healthy development of its children, who will become our future workers, decision-makers and leaders. Family and child well-being are public health issues. Helping families and children to be happy, healthy and resilient helps the community at large. Join us as we discuss and share ideas on 2019 Strong Families Thriving Children Town Hall session recommendations for supporting families and children. Lunch is served at a cost of $15 per person (complimentary to students).

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