Worldwide Safety Management and Occupational Safety Management Degree Programs Attain Qualified Academic Programs Status

The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Worldwide Bachelor of Science in Safety Management (BSSM) and Master of Science in Occupational Safety Management (MSOSM) degree programs recently attained the status as Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) Qualified Academic Programs (QAP), joining the Daytona Beach Campus Bachelor of Science in Aerospace and Occupational Safety degree program.

A QAP is an academic degree program in safety, health and/or environmental practices meeting BCSP standards for participation and whose curriculum has been reviewed as showing a substantial match with the Associate Safety Professional® (ASP) blueprint.  The Graduate Safety Practitioner® (GSP) program is an alternate path to the Certified Safety Professional® (CSP), waiving the requirement to sit for the ASP exam. 

As a result, all graduates from the Embry-Riddle BSSM program since May 1, 2016 forward and graduates from the MSOSM program since July 1, 2010 forward, are eligible to apply for the GSP designation from the BCSP.

There are numerous benefits in obtaining the GSP designation, including:

  • Recognition for the level of preparation for professional safety practice.
  • Recognition for being in a path toward the CSP certification, which is the gold standard of credentials for safety professionals.
  • A certificate awarding the GSP designation.

This GSP is a huge benefit for all BSSM and MSOSM alumni as well as for current students in these programs.  Alumni who add this designation to their portfolio upon graduation will rise above the competition, showing that they have the basic safety and health knowledge and skills required by BCSP to hold this designation and that they have the initiative and drive to a pursue a promising career, not simply a job. 

Holding the GSP designation and striving for the CSP designation can improve their chances for success, for being selected for leadership and senior positions and for increased salary as they pursue the CSP credential.

To apply for the GSP designation, students simply complete an application, which can be found at and request that Embry-Riddle send an official conferred transcript to BCSP. There is no application fee with BCSP, but there is an annual renewal fee to maintain the designation.

For more information regarding the GSP designation go to You can also find a listing of all of the QAP programs at: