Presidential Search Update: Announcement of New Embry-Riddle President Imminent

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Update: The search for Embry-Riddle's next President has concluded. For more information, read "Dr. P. Barry Butler Named New President of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University."

After the unanimous endorsement of candidates presented to the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) as well as student and faculty representatives of the Embry-Riddle Presidential Search Committee, the process has quickly moved to the selection stage as candidates for the university’s next president position are on the Daytona Beach campus this week for final interviews.

At this stage, final candidates are being presented to the university’s Board of Trustees and respective student and faculty delegates. Florida-based firm Greenwood/Asher & Associates has led the executive search and worked in conjunction with a University search committee made up of trustees, faculty, staff and students. The search, which was initiated last fall, has resulted in 273 inquiries and more than 106 nominations and applications from high-skilled individuals from diverse disciplines, gender and ethnic backgrounds.

An announcement of the new president could come as early as this week, according to the Presidential Search Committee Chairman Mori Hosseini.

“The level of immediate and unparalleled enthusiasm across the representative committees for these finalists has made it apparent that Embry-Riddle will have a new president very soon,” said Hosseini, who also serves as the University’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

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 FAC Unanimously Approves Candidate Slate

* This story was initially published on Feb. 10, 2017

Dear Campus Community:

It is with excitement for our future that I share with you that both the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) and the Presidential Search Committee have unanimously forwarded the slate of candidates to the Board of Trustees. 

To achieve unanimous votes from both groups is a testament to the rigor of the process and the quality of the candidates. I would like to share the following comments and thoughts from the members.


Mori Hosseini
Chairman, Embry-Riddle Board of Trustees

Statement from the FAC

“The Faculty Advisory Committee met this week as part of the search process to help select our next Embry-Riddle president. The search committee presented a number of candidates for the FAC’s review. The FAC was impressed with the candidates’ leadership acumen and fitness to launch our university to new frontiers. The FAC thanks the university leadership for the opportunity to bring faculty voices into this process.”

Statements from FAC Members

“After reviewing the impressive list of candidates, it’s clear that all of them exceed our committee’s threshold for strengthening and growing our university,” said Dr. Darrel Smith, FAC member and Prescott Campus Physics Department Chair and Professor. “This diverse group of candidates is composed of accomplished leaders in their respective fields, and I am confident that their leadership skills and experience will lead Embry-Riddle to a new and exciting future.”

“The caliber of candidates was a testament to how our university has progressed and is ready to embrace new heights,” added Dr. Remzi Seker, FAC member and Professor of Computer Science and Ph.D. Program Coordinator at the Daytona Beach Campus.

“I am amazed at the array of well-qualified candidates that the Presidential Search Committee presented to us,” said Dr. Beverly L. Wood, a FAC member and Mathematics Discipline Chair and Assistant Professor at Embry-Riddle Worldwide. “The University will be in good hands with any one of them.”

Statements From Presidential Search Committee Faculty and Student Representatives

“As a faculty representative to the Presidential Search Committee for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, I would like to thank our Board of Trustees, Greenwood Asher & Associates, members of the Search Committee and the many strongly qualified candidates who applied or were nominated to become Embry-Riddle’s next President. The committee worked tirelessly to meet with candidates, check references, and discuss the future or our institution. We have decided upon a highly qualified pool of candidates to send to our Board of Trustees for the final decision,” said Dr. Ashley Lear, a member of the Presidential Search Committee and Daytona Beach Campus Faculty Senate Speaker. “I share with our Search Committee confidence in all of the finalists to lead Embry-Riddle to the next level and look forward to welcoming our next President.”

In addition, Mr. Dustin Gibson, Daytona Beach SGA President and Presidential Search Committee member offered, “Beyond their excellent qualifications, each of the candidates demonstrated a sincere commitment to student success. I fully support the candidates that are being forwarded to the Board of Trustees.” 

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Short List of Candidates

* This story was initially published on Jan. 24, 2017

The strength and reputation of our University has attracted an accomplished group of candidates. To date, we have received 273 inquiries, more than 60 nominations and 46 applications. The applicant and nominee pool is composed of individuals from diverse disciplines, gender and ethnic backgrounds. 

After comprehensive interviews, the Presidential Search Committee has prepared a short list to present to the University Board of Trustees. The list will be evaluated by the Faculty Advisory Committee, which will then provide feedback to the respective Faculty Delegates of the Board of Trustees. The list of those moving on to the final candidate stage is expected to continue to fluctuate during the vetting process.

As the process continues, final candidates will be presented to the Board of Trustees and the respective delegates. The Presidential Search Committee will remain in place until the selection and evaluation process has been completed.

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Presidential Search Update: Formation of Faculty Advisory Committee

* This story was initially published on Dec. 8, 2016.

The Presidential Search Committee is excited to announce that a Faculty Advisory Committee has been formed to support the search efforts. The new committee was established through cooperation with the faculty senates of the Daytona Beach, Prescott, and Worldwide campuses.Following a review of the senates’ nominations, the Board, as announced through its Chairman, has confirmed the following appointments to the Faculty Advisory Committee:
  • Daytona Beach:  Dr. Remzi Seker
  • Prescott:  Dr. Darrel Smith
  • Worldwide:  Dr. Beverly Wood

This committee will enter into nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, and follow the same code of ethics as the Presidential Search Committee.  The committee members will participate in the interviews of the finalists and make their recommendations directly to the Chairman of the Board and their respective Board of Trustee Faculty Delegate within executive session.  The Board’s faculty delegation will be present during the final candidate interviews with the Board, and involved in the open discussion regarding each candidate.

Presidential Search Update: Applicant Review

* This story was initially published on Nov. 23, 2016.

Due to several exceptional candidates, the Search Committee will be extending their in person interview schedule to accommodate a larger than expected candidate pool. All of the applicants have expressed tremendous enthusiasm regarding our institution; noting its exceptional historical development and the abundant opportunity for advancement. We should be proud of our stature as a University in attracting an amazing pool of candidates.
Through the recruiting phase, applications and nominations will continue to be accepted for vetting by the Search Committee. The Embry-Riddle community is welcomed and encouraged to submit candidate recommendations as soon as possible to our search partner, Greenwood Asher & Associates, via the following address: This information and additional updates can be found on the Embry-Riddle Presidential Search web page:
Additionally, the Search Committee announces its plan to involve a representative from each campus in the search process via the formation of a Faculty Advisory team.

Please continue to provide feedback and questions regarding the Presidential Search to