Dr. William Crisler

Prescott's College of Engineering Announces Dr. William Crisler as Distinguished Chair

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Prescott Campus has announced the appointment of Dr. William P. (Billy) Crisler to the Raisbeck Engineering Design/Build/Test Distinguished Chair in the College of Engineering.

As the Raisbeck Engineering Distinguished Chair, Crisler will teach capstone courses in aircraft design that emphasize a hands-on approach and a design/build/test philosophy to prepare students for work in the aerospace industry. These courses provide students with an opportunity to integrate, exercise, refine, expand, and demonstrate their engineering analysis skills, leadership and teamwork skills, and technical communication skills in the context of engineering design and creative synthesis. Projects in these courses will culminate in the design, manufacture, and test of a structural test article, a flight demonstration vehicle, or an advanced wind tunnel model to verify performance predictions and flight characteristics of the designs.

Crisler will also oversee the Raisbeck Engineering Design Studio in the new Embry-Riddle STEM Education Center as well as advocate and oversee the acquisition, development, and integration of design/build/test capabilities in Embry-Riddle's Aerospace Experimentation & Fabrication Building (AxFAB), the Tracy Doryland Wind Tunnel, and elsewhere on the Prescott Campus.

"We're all grateful to Mr. Raisbeck for his generous and visionary gift. The endowment is especially encouraging to me, since it indicates that someone of his stature in aviation and someone with his insight into what leads to success in our industry believes that we're on the right track regarding how we're defining and developing our capstone design programs," said Crisler. "I'm eager to exploit the resources and prestige of the Chair to continue and expand the things we're doing for our students in all aspects of design/build/test."

Crisler has extensive experience in teaching undergraduate aeronautical engineering and aircraft design courses, both at the U.S. Air Force Academy and at Embry-Riddle. He has served as an adjunct instructor at the Air Force Test Pilot School, where he taught supersonic aerodynamics and aircraft design. His career in the Air Force and industry included technical and leadership roles in several Research, Development, Test & Evaluation, and Advanced Systems Integration programs, including the AFTI/F-16 Advanced Fighter Technology Integration program and the X-31 Enhanced Fighter Maneuverability program. Crisler earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University.

"Dr. Crisler's experience in government and industry and his passion for aircraft and aviation are already helping us create meaningful design projects for our undergraduates," said Dr. Ron Madler, Dean of the College of Engineering. "Selecting him for the Raisbeck Chair only underscores our eagerness to showcase what our students can do to serve our current and prospective industry and government partners."

About Raisbeck Engineering 

Raisbeck Engineering Inc., headquartered in Seattle, WA, is a leading provider of aircraft modifications for business and commercial aircraft. Dedicated to improving performance and efficiency for aircraft owners, Raisbeck's aerodynamically-designed enhancements deliver better performance results and improve passenger comfort.

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