It's Not Rocket Science – Get Vaccinated

Plane taking off at sunrise.

Dear students, faculty and staff:

Like a sunrise flight, or that aha! moment when you solve a complex mathematics problem, our future looks bright at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. On Aug. 30, the start of face-to-face residential campus classes – made possible by unprecedented scientific advancements leading to three safe, highly effective Covid-19 vaccines – will be cause for celebration.

So that everyone can enjoy campus life to the fullest, without missing classes or other activities –

  • We strongly urge all faculty, staff, students and their families to get vaccinated against Covid-19 before classes begin. If you can only get one dose of a two-dose vaccine before classes start – go for it. We can provide your second dose once you’re on campus. Worldwide, more than one billion people have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. At Embry-Riddle, more and more Eagles are choosing to protect themselves.
  • Face masks remain your choice on our campuses, but we strongly urge you to follow the health guidelines set forth on July 27. Vaccinated as well as unvaccinated people in regions of high or substantial transmission are asked to mask up indoors to slow the spread of the extremely transmissible Delta variant. Wash your hands. Stay home if you are sick.
  • Covid-19 has become a largely preventable illness. Cases of Covid-19 are currently spiking in many different parts of the country, yet nearly all hospitalized patients are unvaccinated. While breakthrough infections can occur in a very small percentage of vaccinated people, those cases tend to be far less severe. It’s not rocket science. Stay safe – get vaccinated.
  • Remember – if you contract Covid-19 at Embry-Riddle, you will be required to follow state quarantine and isolation requirements, at your own expense. Embry-Riddle will be at full capacity for fall 2021. The university will not be able to provide special housing for students who contract Covid-19 and are required to remain separate from others. You will likely need to return home or find alternate housing. You will miss out on classes, flight training, athletic events, and other aspects of campus life.
  • We recognize that some faculty, staff and students may avoid vaccination based on a physician’s order or strongly held religious beliefs, but most of us have no such restrictions. If you have questions about Covid-19 vaccines, please be assured that our healthcare professionals will be happy to address your concerns in a respectful, confidential manner.

Stay safe and get ready for a great semester at Embry-Riddle by getting vaccinated now, if you have not yet done so. We look forward to seeing you soon.

From the Embry-Riddle Core Leadership Team:

P. Barry Butler, Ph.D.

Rodney Cruise
Sr. Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Randy B. Howard, Ph.D.
Sr. Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Anette M. Karlsson, Ph.D.
Chancellor, Prescott Campus             

Lon D. Moeller, J.D.
Senior Vice President & Provost 

Jason M. Ruckert, Ph.D.
Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Charlie Sevastos, J.D.
Vice President & General Counsel

John R. Watret, Ph.D.
Chancellor, Worldwide Campus