Increase in Positive Covid-19 Cases Follows Off-Campus Parties

Students walk on the Prescott Campus.
Prescott Campus students observe social distancing guidelines while walking outside the Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium. (Photo: Embry-Riddle)

Two weeks into the fall semester, Embry-Riddle still has no evidence of any confirmed transmission of Covid-19 within the university itself – not in classrooms, Flight Operations, or residence halls. This week, however, an increase in confirmed Covid-19 cases followed several unauthorized off-campus events. 

Apartment or residence hall parties remain a serious risk, Embry-Riddle emphasized. This is particularly true for student-athletes who could face disciplinary action and jeopardize their team standing or even scholarships if they participate in high-risk events. 

Any student engaging in high-risk behaviors that put the university community at risk may be in violation of student Honor Codes or Standards of Conduct. Students who willfully violate Embry-Riddle rules will be subject to disciplinary action, potentially including immediate expulsion without a refund. For Daytona Beach Campus students, refer to the Honor Code, and in particular, the Failure to Comply section. For Prescott Campus students, theStandards of Conduct can be found here; the Failure to Comply section is on page 22. 

No known transmission of Covid-19 has occurred within Embry-Riddle’s Flight Operations – despite more than 32,000 contact hours in airplanes, 8,000 hours in simulators, and 60,000 hours with instructors across both residential campuses since May. 

Embry-Riddle continues to leverage a multi-pronged testing strategy

  • Screening and Contact Testing focuses on assessing key groups (i.e., Flight, Athletics, ROTC, on-campus, off-campus, and so on) to capture a fair “snapshot” of the university as a whole.
  • Sentinel Testing focuses on students living in large group setting, where close contact may increase the risk of spread. 
  • Rapid Testing is specifically for symptomatic individuals. 
  • Wastewater Analysis is guiding Embry-Riddle’s testing efforts. 

In an effort to keep students, faculty, staff, parents and our communities informed, Embry-Riddle reports its Covid-19 testing results every Friday. The latest results were as follows:

Daytona Beach Campus (since June 22):

  • 2,185 individuals tested by Embry-Riddle
  • 27 cases confirmed positive by Embry-Riddle
  • 11 other cases confirmed positive through external testing
  • 1 previously confirmed case

Total Cases Confirmed to Date: 39

Total Cases Recovered/Cleared to Resume Activities: 35

Total Cases Active/Under Isolation: 4

Prescott Campus (since June 22):

  • 989 individuals tested by Embry-Riddle
  • 9 cases confirmed positive by Embry-Riddle
  • 7 other cases confirmed positive through external testing
  • 5 previously confirmed cases

Total Cases Confirmed to Date: 21

Total Cases Recovered/Cleared to Resume Activities: 11

Total Cases Active/Under Isolation: 4

Worldwide Campus (since June 22):

  • 1 case confirmed positive through external testing
  • 3 previously confirmed cases

Total Cases Confirmed to Date: 4

Total Cases Recovered/Cleared to Resume Activities: 4

Total Cases Active/Under Isolation: 0 

Only confirmed (not suspected) cases are reported. All confirmed cases are fully disclosed to the university community as well as all appropriate health authorities. 

Health Reminders 

  • If you are sick, have been on a cruise, or if you have been in close contact with someone with Covid-19, do not come onto Embry-Riddle’s campuses.
  • In case of difficulty breathing or chest pain, call 911.
  • Please promptly report any concerning symptoms (i.e., fever, cough or congestion) to the health services or campus safety unit on your campus:

    Daytona Beach Health Services   386-226-7917

    Daytona Beach Campus Safety   386-226-SAFE (7233)

    Prescott Wellness Center     928-777-6653

All students are urged to download and use Embry-Riddle’s new EagleGuardian smartphone app. In an emergency, this app allows students to contact Campus Safety with the touch of a button. The app also has a locator feature that will help first responders reach students quickly.

Safety Requirements

  • Everyone must have a wellness check every 24 hours before spending time at Embry-Riddle.
  • Face coverings are mandatory in all common areas, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Physical distancing (six feet apart) is also required at all times.
  • Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.
  • Get your flu shot as early as possible.
  • Those selected to undergo mandatory diagnostic Covid-19 testing must self-quarantine if they are instructed to do so. (Self-quarantine is generally not necessary for sentinel testing, as outlined above, but it is required for screening and contact testing as well as rapid testing.)

Please review our Covid-19 information page and Frequently Asked Questions.