Frontier Airlines Launches Pilot Hiring Program with Embry-Riddle

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines, Inc. has teamed up with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – the world’s largest, most comprehensive aviation and aerospace institution – to identify and cultivate the next generation of highly skilled commercial airline pilots. 

“The new Frontier/Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Pilot Hiring Program will tap top-performing flight students who consistently demonstrate the work ethic, flying skill, aviation knowledge, professional attitude and demeanor to eventually become successful crew members for Frontier Airlines,” said Frontier’s Vice President of Flight Operations Brad Lambert. 

As many pilots across the aviation industry approach retirement age, Frontier expects to hire hundreds if not thousands of aviators during the next decade to staff its 500 and growing number of daily flights. The new hiring program with Embry-Riddle represents an important component of Frontier’s broader pilot recruiting and hiring strategy, according to Lambert. 

“Frontier’s agreement with Embry-Riddle will provide high-quality jobs for exceptional students while bolstering the aviation industry workforce in service to air travelers,” said Dr. Alan Stolzer, dean of the College of Aviation on Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus. “Embry-Riddle is honored to partner with Frontier Airlines to enhance the aviation talent pool.” 

As part of the Frontier/Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Pilot Hiring Program, representatives from Frontier Airlines will visit the Daytona Beach Campus twice annually to meet with students and faculty. 

To be considered for this program with Frontier Airlines, Embry-Riddle students must have a letter of recommendation from a Flight Department manager that supports a stellar history of flight performance, attendance and professional conduct throughout their aviation education.  Candidates must also be enrolled in the Aeronautical Science degree program, have a minimum class status of senior, maintain a Grade Point Average above 3.2, and have the ability to hold a First Class medical certificate. Prior to employment with Frontier Airlines, program participants will also need to be employed by Embry-Riddle as a flight instructor and must obtain the R-ATP required experience. 

This program is currently available to Embry-Riddle students on the Daytona Beach Campus. Interested Daytona Beach Campus flight students should consult with their Flight Department supervisors for a letter of recommendation and then Apply Online.