FAA Recognizes Embry-Riddle Professor as National Safety Leader

Professor Cary Grant with his wife Kathy
Professor Cary Grant, with his wife Kathy, was recognized as the FAA Safety Team Member of the Year Award during an award banquet hosted by the Aviation Safety Advisory Group (ASAG). (Photo: ASAG)

An Aeronautical Science professor from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has been awarded the National Safety Team Representative of the Year award by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This award, granted to assistant professor Cary Grant, recognizes contributions made to aviation through Grant’s involvement with the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) program, which educates the industry community on various safety issues.

“Professor Grant’s leadership and dedication reflect Embry-Riddle’s mission of maintaining the highest standards of safety in everything that we do,” said Dr. Jennah Perry, interim dean for Embry-Riddle’s College of Aviation at the Prescott Campus. “His recognition as this year’s National FAASTeam Representative of the year is an inspiration to all aviators and safety professionals in the field.”

Grant joined Embry-Riddle in 2021 after a 20-year career in the U.S. Air Force and two decades as a pilot with United Airlines. Grant attributes his success to his ongoing collaboration with fellow Arizona FAASTeam.

“I am humbled to represent a dedicated team of volunteer pilots, mechanics, educators and FAA employees that comprise the Arizona FAASTeam,” said Grant. “Being selected as the representative of the year allows me to voice our state’s message beyond Arizona and highlight all the excellent work our state’s FAASTeam representatives are doing.”

Expanding Aviation Safety Awareness

The FAASTeam is an FAA program established to increase aviation safety through training, outreach and education. Membership is open to anyone within the aviation community, with membership comprised of pilots, mechanics, experts and even the general public.

Grant’s participation with the FAASTeam began 15 years ago after a safety presentation delivered at a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) forum. This led to Grant’s volunteer efforts with the Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group (ASAG), before serving as the organization’s president, where he worked to address safety concerns related to Arizona airspace, such as pilot deviation, runway incursions, aircraft accidents, near midair encounters and more.

“The FAA says a good pilot is always learning,” said Grant. “I consider ASAG to be the critical factor in the success and outreach of the Arizona FAASTeam.”

Encouraging the Next Generation

As a FAASTeam volunteer and ASAG president, Grant encourages Embry-Riddle students and graduates to consider joining the FAASTeam to continue their safety education, network with aviation professionals and earn the gratification of contributing to a safer aviation environment.

“Statistically, less than .03% of the pilots who have accidents are members of the FAASTeam,” said Grant. “Being a member does not mean you will not have an accident, but it definitely makes you a safer pilot or mechanic.”

Anyone interested in joining the Arizona FAASTeam can visit www.faasafety.gov

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