Embry-Riddle Reports 179 New Covid-19 Cases, Jan. 14-20

Professor teaches class with a mask on

At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University during the period Jan. 14-20, 179 people tested positive for Covid-19. That case count included 117 at our Daytona Beach, Florida, campus, 57 at our Prescott, Arizona, campus, and five at our Worldwide Headquarters campus.

In addition, on our residential campuses at Daytona Beach and Prescott, 25 people were advised to quarantine, Jan. 14-20.

We ask everyone at Embry-Riddle to please wear masks indoors, particularly in classrooms and during flight training. Embry-Riddle also continues to strongly encourage Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters as well as influenza vaccinations.

Latest Covid-19 Test Results – Jan. 14-20, 2022


  • 409 individuals tested at Embry-Riddle
  • 117 cases confirmed positive
  • 4 people in quarantine


  • 141 individuals tested at Embry-Riddle
  • 57 cases confirmed positive
  • 21 people in quarantine


  • 5 cases confirmed positive
  • 0 people in quarantine

Note: Off-site test results are not included in the numbers provided here.

Only confirmed (not suspected) cases are reported. All confirmed cases are fully disclosed to the university community as well as all appropriate health authorities. Embry-Riddle’s Covid-19 test results are released every Friday, except during holidays. Information is posted to our Latest Testing Results online site.

Visit Embry-Riddle’s Covid-19 page for further information about the university’s health precautions and safety requirements.