Embry-Riddle Highlights Mental Health Support Services for Students

Your wellbeing is our concern.

As Embry-Riddle wraps up the fifth week of the fall 2020 semester, the university again urged students to reach out for help if they are feeling overwhelmed by stress, anxiety or depression amid the pandemic. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has noted that infectious disease outbreaks can trigger or worsen mental health issues, and it’s important to seek help sooner rather than later.

All students who have United Health Care Student Resources (UHCSR) can access tele-counseling for free through the HealthiestYou by Teledoc service. Log onto the HealthiestYou online portal. Or, download the HealthiestYou (HY) app on your smart phone. HealthiestYou services are available by phone, video or chat. UHCSR card holders can also call (855) 870-5858 to set up virtual medical or mental health appointments, (877) 862-1172 for UHCSR counseling services.

Students with other insurance plans may have other mental health support options through their providers. They can also access the HealthiestYou by Teledoc services, with mental health plans beginning at $85 per week. Financial aid may be available.

In addition, both of Embry-Riddle’s residential campuses offer Counseling Services.

To take care of your emotional health, the CDC recommends eating well, getting plenty of sleep, regular exercise, and taking breaks from upsetting news coverage.

Avoid self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. Look for service opportunities such as helping those affected by wildfires, homelessness or food insecurity. If you are up to it, helping others can be a great way to improve your own mental health.

Embry-Riddle offers a broad range of support services, including:


Daytona Beach Campus Counseling Services: (386) 226-6035

Prescott Campus Counseling Services: (928) 777-3312

Dean of Students

Daytona Beach Campus: dbdos@erau.edu

Prescott Campus: prdos@erau.edu

Worldwide Campus: wwdos@erau.edu 

Health & Wellness

Daytona Beach Campus: (386) 226-7917

Prescott Campus: (928) 777-6653

Campus Safety & Security

Daytona Beach Campus: (386) 226-6480

Prescott Campus: (928) 777-3333

Title IX Compliance

Daytona Beach Campus: dbtitle9@erau.edu

Prescott Campus: prtitle9@erau.edu

Worldwide Campus: dammerl@erau.edu

Faith & Spirituality

Daytona Beach Chaplain: chaplainsoffice@erau.edu

Fred & Fay Haas Interfaith Chapel

In an Emergency

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency –

The weekend is almost here. Please practice self-care this weekend, and always. Embry-Riddle is a family and we care about your wellbeing. Reach out if you need help.