Dreams Do Come True

Before graduating with an Aeronautical Science degree, Jessica Koeppen shared how Embry-Riddle encouraged her to pursue her passion.

Jessica Koeppen came to Embry-Riddle to fulfill her dreams. Now the 2017 Aeronautical Science graduate is working for Piedmont Airlines and teaching a private pilot ground course for Blue Ridge Community College.

“I’m super excited about this opportunity since it marks a new chapter in my life – flying jets,” Koeppen said. “I would not be the pilot I am today without the training I received through Embry-Riddle.”

In addition to her studies, Koeppen worked as a flight instructor and got involved in extracurricular activities, including Women in Aviation and ALPA ACE, while on campus.

“[These activities] led to connections and friendships that I am going to have for the rest of my life,” she explained. “ALPA ACE led me to some great people currently working in the airline industry who helped me choose my career path and gave me great insight to what airline life is like. I met one of my college best friends through Women in Aviation; and without that shared experience, I don't know that our paths would have ever crossed in time for us to get as close as we are today.”

Koeppen’s experiences in and out of the classroom taught her lessons in perseverance and overcoming failure.

“There are going to be those days in which absolutely nothing is going to go as planned, and that is OK. It’s all part of learning,” she said.

As she reflects on her college experience, Koeppen encourages other women to chase their aviation dreams too.

“I've had people around me in the past who were nothing but negative energy and very discouraging,” she said. “For me, it fueled the fire and motivated me even more to prove them wrong.”