Where’s the List? Which Employers are Searching for Me:

photo graphic of employers

As you are heading toward the end of the semester, you may be starting or continuing your full-time job or internship search. Many students want a curated list of employers or position titles to target during their search. Who doesn’t like a list? We oftentimes make a to-do list, grocery list, and a wish list of items you want or things you hope to do during your life. Who wouldn’t want a list of employers who will hire you based on your specific circumstances (degree, interests, minors, experience, etc.)?

We often have students ask Career Services for a list of employers that are hiring or internships they can apply for, but the truth is, you can and should make your own list. Every job seeker should have a list of targeted companies to help guide them through the job or internship search process. You can also have a list of targeted skills or qualifications you are seeking to streamline the process even more.

Formulating your list of employers will take time and patience, but in the end, it will take a lot of the guesswork and pressure off you while conducting your search. To help set you on the right path, here are a few resources that we suggest you use to create your list.

  • Handshake – This is the career management platform we use at Embry-Riddle. Handshake has a plethora of companies who have connected with the university to post internships, co-ops, and full-time roles for our students. Once logged into the system, you can conduct employer searches based on various criteria and identify companies that may be of interest to you. Some companies have public employees that you can reach out to as well as past student reviews that you can read to see if it is the right place for you.
  • CareerShift – This is a job/internship search engine that can be accessed through the ERNIE tools page. It is especially valuable for those searching based on geographical location. It also allows you to search company contact information and track your job search efforts.
  • Company-specific Websites – You can search company career pages for opportunities.
  • LinkedIn – This is a professional networking site with job postings and groups to join. We recommend following Embry-Riddle and using the Alumni tool. You can also follow Embry-Riddle Career Services for your campus to see special posts and more job opportunities.
  • Networking – Do not forget to connect with those around you, including your classmates.
  • Industry/Career Expo – Be on the lookout for upcoming Career Expo events on your campus. Visit the events page on Handshake to see when the Spring 2023 Career Expo will be held.
  • Online Recruiting Events – By visiting the Events page on Handshake you will also see employer led online and in-person recruiting events that you can attend based on your interests. This is a great way to learn more about different companies and the positions that are available.
  • Professional Associations/Conferences – There are still many conferences being held over the next few months for your specific industry or area of interest. Join the organization on campus or speak with faculty in your degree program to find out more and how to attend these events.
  • On-campus Visits – Many employers will also visit campus from time to time for lunch and learns, information sessions, and tabling. Check your email and Handshake events to stay up to date.
  • Interstride – Are you an international student? All students and alumni have access to this database through ERNIE tools page. You can use this site to see which companies are hiring international students and sponsoring the H1B visa. There are also other tools like networking, webinars, and resources to find housing, insurance, and more.
  • Faculty – Your faculty know your industry better than most people. Talk to them and let them know what types of internships and full-time jobs or companies you are interested in working for. They can help you match with companies that may fit your interests and have connections in the field that can aid in your search.

Once you have curated your list, make sure you are effectively using it to search for those internships and full-time jobs. You can focus your networking efforts on people who are working at or have connections to your targeted companies. Many company sites including Handshake and CareerShift allow you to set up a job feed or saved searches that will notify you via email when new positions with that company or that type of criteria are posted. Use your list of companies/job titles throughout your search but be ready to adapt it based on your changing needs and priorities.

Lists are part of everyone’s life, and many people rely on lists to help them through their professional and personal experiences. Create your own targeted list for your job search experience that enhances your abilities to conduct the search to your specifications.