College of Business Alumni Spotlight: Henry Quartey-Papafio

Henry Quartey-Papafio

Graduating with his MBA in 2013, Henry Quartey-Papafio is now a Financial Analyst working for The World Bank in Washington D.C.In this role, he is responsible for preparing quarterly and annual reports, periodic forecasts and other related projects for operations. Take a moment to read why Henry considers Embry-Riddle the “Ivy League of aeronautical and aviation studies.”

What attracted you to Embry-Riddle?

Embry-Riddle’s World Class education and globally connected network of both Alumni and Employers was an immense draw for me to pursue my education at the Daytona Beach Campus. The intimate Campus setting, the dedicated staff and professors whom are all respected members in their particular fields make ERAU incomparable with conventional Universities. The international community of students and the iconic beach environment all contributed and made attractive components that perfectly fit my educational goals. 

What do you think sets your Embry-Riddle business education apart from other schools?

The Embry-Riddle MBA Finance program aligned with my career goals and better equipped me to compete in a global community of professionals. Post Graduate Employment rates and educational credentials all accommodated to an easy college to career transition.

Embry-Riddle should be classified as the Ivy League of Aeronautical and Aviation studies and definitely sets itself apart from any other University.

Can you describe your current work at World Bank? What do you enjoy most about your job?

To concisely describe my current role, I am in charge of all financials that are relevant to mail and shipments for the World Bank. Most importantly to find the most cost efficient ways to transport logistics to any corner of the globe. Scouting and vetting vendors becomes a very important venture in my day to day accounts

The part of my job I enjoy the most is the incredible diversity that the World Bank employs. Each and every country the bank is affiliated with becomes another diversification of my network avenues and interpersonal relationships. I enjoy learning and being exposed to different types of cultures and, as an alumni, I’d say Embry-Riddle played a major role in this passion.

What advice can you offer to current and prospective Embry-Riddle business students?

My advice to ERAU current and prospective students is (1) “Know who you are and why you are there” and (2) take advantage of Embry-Riddle’s cultural diversity and networks, establish relationships outside the familiar.