Daytona Beach Campus Sees Record Fall Enrollment


Embry–Riddle’s residential campus in Daytona Beach is projecting about 1,700 new incoming students and a total of close to 6,000 undergrads, both new records for fall enrollment, according to B.J. Adams, dean of enrollment management.

Adams notes that Embry-Riddle is seeing an increase because of its strong return on investment, strong career outcomes in the aviation and aerospace industry and job placement rates.

“We are able to show students the value of their education,” Adams said.

Embry-Riddle is also seeing a better retention rate as students continue their education from freshmen to sophomores, Adams said.

At the Daytona Beach Campus, the nation’s largest college-based flight program is experiencing high enrollment with 1,500 students this fall and is adding new certified flight instructors and a new accelerated training schedule to meet the demand.

“More and more people are becoming aware of the pilot shortage. It’s a very appealing, rewarding career,” said Dr. Alan Stolzer, Dean of the College of Aviation at the Daytona Beach Campus.